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Pipe repair damages to interior wall in IL condo


Our association had to have 3 pipes repaired in my ceilings. The place was torn up for months.broken-pipes-in-wall.jpg

On the last repair the plumbers started by ripping out a bathroom wall. They told me they were going to repair the pipes to my tub as well. They left for hours supposedly for supplies for tub. When they returned they fixed the pipe in the ceiling but now said they needed authorization for the tub pipes.

I'll add they didn't return with any supplies, and I think just took a long lunch. I'm told now that pipes to my tub are my responsibility.

The problem is they tore out a custom finished wall. I told my board I need to have that repaired and want the board to pay for the damage and in turn get that expense from the plumbers.

I have the original installer of the custom wall but the board refuses to let him do the work even though his estimate is cheapest. They insist they use a "board approved" contractor.

I met with this contractor, and he said he has no clue how to work on the uniquely finished wall. I told the board this is a question of damages, not one of repair, and they have no say who does the work on my personal finishes. They want to use some guy out of a phone book over my original installer because "they never write me a check" as I was told.

So far they haven't even discussed this with the inept plumbers who I believe are responsible for the costs.

Can the board "force" some repair guy to repair my personal interior finishes? Isn't this really a question of damages, not one of repair?

The plumbers essentially tore out the wrong wall and now I'm being forced to accept someone who is guessing at how to repair this (they told me so).

Shouldn't the Board/association pay for the damage, then get that cost back from plumbers?

I really don't like the idea the board telling me they have the right to repair my personal interior finishes.

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