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By CondoAssociation.com • February 1, 2018

Problems with running our condo association

I own and live in a condo in Georgia. Myself, and other owners are very upset with our BOD about their lack of information in the Board Meeting Minutes.
The BOD is not following the State of Georgia Condominium laws concerning the minutes. Georgia State Law states that minutes must be in detail.
Here are a few examples of them not following the law:
1. Repainting our buildings at a cost of over $180,000, nothing in the minutes about it.
2. Changing the term limits of board members. They changed them from a 1 year term to a 2 year term. Again, nothing in the minutes about this. We asked them when this was changed and that we would like them to show us proof that this was voted on and passed. They said we would have to pay a $200+ fee to look at the records.
3. Increase in dues for 2018. Again, nothing in the minutes
4. $50 fines for owners that feed our colony of outside cats. nothing in the minutes.
Shouldn't the above items be in the minutes and showing how many voted for or against them?
The only time motions are shown in the minutes are to open the meeting, approving the previous months minutes, and to adjourn the meeting.
One more thing, one of the owners did a petition to run for the board, he had the correct number of signatures, and we told he couldn't run because at one time he had resigned from the board. Yet the current President, in the past, has resigned 3 times.

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