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Property manager gets blasted by HOA


My small company manages a 75 unit HOA that is governed by a Declarant not a Board of Directors. I am the third management company in the last 5 years as the development has changed hands due to economy. I was brought in to bring structure to Covenant enforcement, coordinate day-to-day management, and bring financial control of dues, etc. Two of the long-time homeowners continuously call me to demand information on vendors used for maintenance in the subdivision and how much they are paid. They are aggressively disrespectful. Since I was hired by the Declarant and report to him am I obligated to share this specific vendor information with a homeowner? Frankly, I do not mind giving generalities, but these homeowners broadcast any information given them to other residents about how the work was shoddy and overpriced. When asked for specific complaints about the work, no answer. Also, I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to deal with aggressive and belligerent homeowners. I'm trying to develop a positive working relationship with the homeowners with flexibility when dealing with any concerns, but I become so frustrated by the constant attacks, that I just want to become; a letter of the law enforcement manager. I know there are always a few in each HOA, but it seems to have become the norm to blast rather than work with people.


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