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Renegade condo board not allowing meeting to be held


renegade-condo-board.jpgI live in a renegade-run condo association in Waterbury, CT.

We are having a special meeting to vote the president, secretary, and a director off the board. This meeting will take place in 5 days.

We had owners sign a petition where some had printed their names rather than signatures, and mailed it to the secretary, stating that we will vote for the removal of these 3 people, without cause.

We were advised that we should have signatures, not printed names, so we recirculated the same petition and those who printed their names the first time, signed their name above it. The petition was then resubmitted to the secretary.

We waited another 15 days, didn't hear from the secretary or the association's attorney, so we then mailed and/or hand delivered to each unit owner a letter stating when our special meeting would be.

Yesterday, we heard through the grapevine that this meeting is not legal. Can someone please advise if we have not followed the correct protocol? We have gone through our condo docs and cannot find anywhere in there stating that we have not followed this procedure to the letter.

If the meeting goes forward as planned and the president refuses to give us access to our association office, what is our next step? We would greatfully appreciate any insight at all as our meeting date is getting closer. Thank you.

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