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By CondoAssociation.com • July 14, 2018

Report on community association abuse

This is more of a gripe and a report. A person who resigned as the treasurer of our local condo association reports that two persons on the board of the master association are paying themselves 100 dollars a month "for doing the job". Possible Fraud? 

Then there is our sub-association run missing one of the three board members, and not following the Master Deed and by-laws. And the one man show president lets the theft happen. Unfortunately the remedy might be getting an attorney and that has proved difficult. The local real estate attorneys do not want to represent owners.

If these claims are true, I agree that they need to be stopped AND forced to make restitution to the Master Association. This could involve getting an attorney and possibly the Nebraska authorities (County Attorney Office) involved. Their Last President was fired for the same Issue. Taking money for a volunteer job.

There are many irregularities with the operation of the Master Association

1) It was never set up properly in the first place and there are no actual binding or recorded By-Laws

2) After repeated correspondence for a budget and access to the financial records past and present Master Association board members failed to provide any reports.

I have a long list of items probable violations and irregularities regarding the Master Association too long to list. I have kept extensive records and researched condo problems, and have chosen not to complain to much because the remedy is politics (special meetings) and litigation.

My opinion is that the so called master association board NEVER had any legally binding authority to do anything. Too much to go into, but I think legal council might have to be used.

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