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By CondoAssociation.com • June 13, 2017

Shouldn't HOA attorneys protect association from the board?

My question is about hoa attorneys and who they are suppose to represent. Our HOA in Florida has a huge problem with the board doing things that are contrary to the 720 statutes. Our book-keeping and financial reporting is way off the mark on a regular basis, the owners know it the board knows it.

If you complain to the board or to the book keeping company, you usually get a three page nasty letter from the hoa attorney stating that the owners are blowing things out of proportion or that the owners, who have been paying attention and taking a calculator to the finances , are harassing the board without merit and to cease and desist.

From what I have read attorneys whom I have personally contacted, the HOA attorney is acting incorrectly and should be protecting the association, not the board nor the book keeping company.

Am I wrong?

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