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Should HOA repair or replace shutters?


In my association we have decorative non hurricane shutters that are costing us loads of money with fixing all the time, water leaks from them going down from the 3rd floor to the first, mold inside walls, etc. The question is that are we entitled to get real hurricane shutters in palm beach county and get rid of these. All units are to look systematic but as a board member I would like our association to make an amendment to remove them and have each unit owner put up hurricane shutters. The association might even kick in some monies that they would be paying to fix the Bahama shutters. I went to the county building department to find out if there was a permit in 1981 when these condos were constructed and there is nothing listed. These Bahama shutters are always bent and when the wind gets under them the piles that hold them snap. What a messy look. Any definite help on this if you have a situation going on from the 80s Florida

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