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By CondoAssociation.com • January 14, 2016

Should property manager's company be winning all bids for repair work?

bids-on-condo-jobs.pngOur property manager has a parent company that does work (of all kinds) through out the properties.

They manage painting, shoveling, deck replacing, patio repairing etc. While they do a good job, we should be establishing relationships with other vendors. For capital work done by this company, the property manager gets 10% as the management supervisor.

When asked to secure bids for any work, the property manager's company submits a bid, which is always lower than everyone else, and more or less begs for the job.

Since it's cheaper, the board usually agrees. Although the bids are sealed, his is always lower than the others.

I wonder if the board could have one set of bids sent to the chair, and if his parent company intended to bid on the job, he should inform the board in advance.

I think it's healthy to establish other relationships. Not sure his parent company would be bidding on jobs if he was no longer the property manager.

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