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How does condo board handle water damage to building?


I am on the board of directors in 182 unit condo in Florida. Our issue involves a unit with leaking plumbing causing damage to three units below his. He has refused to call a plumber and or allow our maintenance man to go inspect and if it is the unit owner problem we will advice him to call a plumber to do repairs. The owner is very disruptive and threatening, the police have been called 3 to 4 times due his threatening office staff and other owners. He is living in the unit with out electricity and the board had to shut off his water to stop the leak and further property damage to other units. Yesterday he left the building and left the water running in the bathtub with the stopper closed. The Board had to shut off the water to 8 units until we could get a locksmith to open his door then we sent 2 employees in to drain the tub and shut off the faucets. The owners below his unit are demanding that their damage be repaired and if the unit owner will not repair the damages the owners are demanding the Board make the repairs. Of course the individual owners do not have insurance. The Board could hire a plumber to make the repairs and bill it to the owner, but since he is in mortgage foreclose and our association has a lien on his unit, there is very slim chance we would recover the plumbing repair cost. So at this time we will keep his water turned off.

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