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Condo association has been caring for property they do not own


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I am an independent condo unit owner. What can be done if the condo association property lines have been set incorrectly within a master association? Perhaps nothing, and pretend our condo association owns a lot more of the property?

For background, our condo association has pretended it owns about 20 yards of land surrounding our building. We mow it, maintain the trees, and even have sprinklers out in it. I had checked the maps online a few years ago with the county assessor’s office, and was surprised to see that most of the land is outside our sub-association property line, and that the condo unit building and equipment (ac units) sit on the property of the master association. We pay assessment fees to both the sub-association and master association. Our condo association has been bearing a significant cost of the maintenance, including mowing and tree removal.

Should any effort be made to force the master association to realize the error and pick up the cost of maintenance, or should the sub-association try to get the deed for the property?

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