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HOA management won't help townhouse with a dead animal inside the wall


condo hoa animalsI bought a townhouse in an HOA recently and had some problems with the management office. A few months ago, some animals got into the walls through a hole on the roof. Condo management office sent a company (NOT A ANIMAL CONTROL COMPANY) to seal the hole from outside. Few weeks later, lots of flies and bad smell came out from the walls. This time condo management sent an animal control company and they need to open some holes inside the unit to locate the dead animal. However, the condo management did not support this plan and never respond to us. We have to live with the flies and stinky smells. Now there is still few flies coming out from the walls and bad smell is still there in the closet and bath room. My wife is in pregnancy and is sick with this situation. Without response from the management office, can I turn to a lawyer to help? I am in Boston and appreciate your help. PTKTMYT3MRDD

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