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HOA won't accommodate elderly's parking needs


I'm hoping someone with experience with this sort of thing can advise me or refer me to a knowledgeable attorney. I own a $240K condo (paid for) and I am not allowed to park within the complex. Visitors have the right to park (in visitor spaces) but, owners are not allowed to park in 'unused visitor spaces'...our former complex allowed unused visitor parking spaces to be used by either owners or visitors. I am at the front of the complex and there are 3 visitor parking spaces.....rarely if ever used....I am eighty and have had one heart attack and I must park on the street a block and a half (through a gate) up a completely hill ...and then walk by those unused spaces ....every evening...HOA is wholly insensitive to this issue...we bought the condo (2 cars, 1 space) believing that, like our previous condominium complex, assuming that visitor parking spaces were available to those on a first come, first serve basis...any help out there?  Federal Way Washington.

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