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Is window and trim replacement the responsibility of the HOA?


Our HOA bylaws say that windows are the responsibility of the home owner. I questioned this before I purchased my condo and was told if the windows had to be changed, I would be responsible for payment of the brand new window and that was all. I was told the installation and trim would be the responsibility of the HOA. Are skylights part of the roof or do they also go under windows as mentioned in the bylaws? I wish they made a comment about skylights in the bylaws but it is not there. The bylaws says the roof is not the responsibility of the condo owner.

My neighbor needs the trim that goes around the window on the siding replaced and was told that goes with the windows and I truly think that is wrong but our property management company would have us do everything and just collect our monthly fee if they could. Can anyone answer these questions for me. Greatly appreciated

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