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How do we stop a fee-issuing, harassing HOA property manager?


Does an HOA property manager have the right to hold up pool passes because I had fines that were supposed to be removed as per the old HOA president?  My family hasn't been able to go to the pool and our maintenance fee is $345 a month. 

This particular property manager replaced my large sidewalk when I wanted one stone lifted and the sidewalk was only 10 years old. I was upset because it was a waste of money and for all I know the same stones were put back down. I never got any notice but this was done early in the morning before I woke up. I complained to the property manager and since then I have gotten fake fines and been harassed by her.

We pay $345 a month and our condo has gone downhill since this new property manager started as she only want to replace items and not repair them. Her behavior has chased so many wonderful people out. I'm stuck with her because I cannot sell my condo because of the damage done by her hiring an uninsured roofer who didn't know what he was doing and he made all of the new skylights defective. This property manager gives out $500 fines like if they were $25 fines and we have no idea where the fine money goes to. She doesn't know what a receipts journal is. Any advise? Thanks

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