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Issuing and controlling handicap parking spaces in condo complexes


I live in a 40 unit condo association complex. There are handicap parkingtechnically no handicap parking spots, but we have a handicap neighbor. The neighbor had to get a variance to put in a wheelchair accessible ramp in from of their unit. It brings them right to their two parking spaces. To make room for the wheelchair lift in their van, they park the 2nd car in visitor parking. This worked fine until they re-did our parking spots. Now their next door neighbors don't want to park in the lines because it "blocks their sidewalk" so they park their cars over the lines, taking up three spaces, and causing the husband of the handicap woman to have to move the van into the middle of the parking lot where there is room for the lift and wheel her out to it. They don't want to "upset anybody" so they don't complain, but this has got to be some kind of violation. Many of us don't trust our condo president (who also parks across the lines to accomodate the rude people who can't park in the lines) or our property management to address it. They've already threatened to black out the new lines and white line over the old faded lines if we continue to mention the parking issue - that would look horrible. What legal rights do we have to get a proper handicap parking space and certain people to park properly?

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