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Owner uses HOA amenities and facilities, but won't pay dues.


I'm on the board of a small HOA in Texas. We have this individual who funded several mortgages here (not all) you see like most of us have regular home loans/mortgages through our banks. With the economy tough some people got behind on their mortgage payments to this person (to top it off the ones I know say they pay hefty interest like 12% and make big house payments to this guy). Long story short he told borrowers to either pay up or move, so a few took him up on his offer.

Now, when he originally sold them their condos, he did put the deeds in their names, so he has to go through the foreclosure process in order to sell the units. My complaint is he is going in the units right after they vacate, without the title being in his name, making renovations, pulling up carpet, trash and filling up our dumpsters, then he lists them for sale and selling them often closing a day or two after the deed is put back in his name. He REFUSES to pay HOA dues in the meantime because the unit is not in his name. Yet he feels free to use our dumpsters and take up spaces in our parking lot with his various workmen ie; painters etc. How can he have it both ways? Something seems wrong here. Anyone have any suggestions?

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