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Condo association security policies and liabilities they may bring


Our community is gated, however we do not have security cameras. A sign was posted on the gate that says that this property has cameras. it was done so as a way to ward of criminals.  I questioned our liability for posting such a sign when, after damage to a car, one resident asked for a copy of the camera tapes and was then told there are no cameras. The sign was then changed to say that the property MAY be under camera protection. We still have no cameras. Our property management company tells us that there is no liability that comes with such a sign. I still question our liability. What if someone wants to know when the cameras are running, or sues because when they moved in, they were led to assume that there was some camera protection. By the way, the person who asked for the tapes and was told we did not actually have any, did not pursue the issue.

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