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Condo association wont let owner make door wheelchair accessible


I am in the midst of a dispute with my Condo Association Board regarding a modification I want to make to my front door to allow easier wheelchair access. They have denied my request because I am not personally disabled. I am making the change because I have a number of wheelchair bound and disabled friends (and one family member) that come to my home periodically for dinner and socializing. It is very difficult to get them in my front door. I am paying for the change. The Condo Board denied it because of visual aesthetics and say they do not have to allow it because I am personally not disabled. I'm wondering what will happen if I just defy them and do it anyway? The way I read my condo rules, if I do that, they can fine me either a one time $50 fine or $10 per day for up to but not to exceed 90 days. I'm considering just making the change and paying the $900 fine. Is there anything else they could legally do to me? I'd really rather not defy them, I'd much prefer they understand the importance of supporting our citizens with disabilities and just approve my request. Defying them doesn't achieve this at all. So I'm at a loss, regarding how to best move forward with this. Representatives at VA Hud and Federal HUD offices have told me to just file a Fair Housing Act complaint against them. But I'd rather not do that, because if I win and HUD fines/penalizes them--guess what?  The Condo Association will pay the fine/penalty by issuing a special assessment and/or increase the association fees which I and all the unit owners pay. Not a good way for me to win over neighbors! Any help, thoughts, guidance would be sincerely appreciated.

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