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How do we organize and register an HOA (Home Owners Association)?


Historically, our units went into foreclosure when the developer went bust and now each unit is owned separately. Unit 3 is owner occupied, Unit 2 is mine, Unit 1 is for sale and is owned by a bank and Unit 0 is owned by an investor. Unit 3's owner spent $9,500 getting the common areas up to use and occupancy standards.

  1. We need to figure out how to develop a HOA for our 4 unit condo (any suggested templates?)
  2. how to register it and
  3. where to buy HOA insurance? (Our building is a large row house so our common area consists of the exterior and stairways and landings and the mailbox foyer.) 
  4. My 4th question is can we require the bank to pay their share of the $9,500?

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