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Condo board fires property manager and bills association for work


The Condo board fired the property management company and the community was on board for that decision. The board informed us they were going to self-manage. After some cajoling they did have a special meeting to that effect and the community voted for self-management. We now have a Board/management and now they changed the terms of the self-manage. The Board now wants compensation and is running up billing hours discussing this with an attorney. The lawyer said they must separate their management duties from the board duties. Is anything stated in the NJ Condo Act that prevents this? I thought that we must have a board and that board is volunteer. It is unnecessary to have 5 managers. The board purchased management software for 4 grand. I think the person performing the administrative/ financial work should get a stipend and the board should remain a board. I learned in my law class that a board cannot be self-serving. Wouldn't this be a case of self-serving?

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