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Property manager steals association election from condo board

Posted by stephen polinsky on Thu, Dec 29, 2011 @ 09:07 AM

I live in New Jersey. We had an election and the Property Management Company, who we are trying to get out, ran the whole thing. He would not let us vote in person there were 40 people there and he said it was a secret ballot. He took a bunch and put them on the side. He recounted them and he had this paralegal there who did not know half the questions we asked. One was where are our minutes, she said because there was no quorum we don't need them. Needless to say I won by one vote it was more than that his ballot was so confusing that half the people voted wrong. I was on both sides of the ballot for secretary and treasure, he said that can't be. May I add that the board only consists of President, Secretary and Treasurer? He ran the whole show and he is the Property Management Company. The only reason why he was nervous is he wants the secretary to remain another 5 years. She is also working for him in another business he has. We do not get audited reports each year. He has his own contractors come in who are not bonded. The secretary gives him the checks to distribute. Then we see all the workers hanging around his condo (he lives here and runs his business here) I have a funny feeling since no one contacted me he is going to somehow get me the newly elected person off the board. There will be a revolution. Help Posted @ Friday, October 21, 2011 8:01 AM by Phyllis

Tags: Board of Directors, Condo & HOA Elections

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