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What can RI residents do about fees that they are unable to pay?


condo-property-management-feesWe have had the following Increases in maintenance fees:
FY2011 - maintenance fees were $180. Residents were having difficulties paying, therefore could not vote on the increase or change in management.

FY2012 - New management increased fees to  $250.

We asked why was there such a rate difference compared to other units within a 30 mile radius which also have 2 bdrms. I was told that it was based on the number of units involved - it just did not seem right - a 2 bdrm unit is a 2 bdrm unit - we currently have 14- 2 bdrm units. Within a 3 mile radius there are 12-2 bdrm units paying $180, and another within a 20 mile radius (4-2 bdrm units) paying $150.

The majority of the residents are now in foreclosure. Some are chalking up the loss are willing to sell for 20k.

The property value assessment came in at 50k. We all have lost across the board. We pay roughly 4 times as much in maintenance fees to the condo association than we do for yearly real estate taxes to the city.
FY2015 - Just received notice of annual meeting: Maintenance fees increasing by another $120.

This new management is forcing us out of our homes. We went to the city solicitor to explain, and they said they can not do anything because it's a private entity. I am currently in Providence Rhode Island.

Please tell me where I can go to get help, or what we can do to save our homes. We are all struggling and can not afford an attorney.

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