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Last resort to rid of delinquent condo owner may be sheriffs sale


How can you get deadbeat owner to pay after a lien and winning the judgment on her to pay up. After we won she paid for a few months and now has fallen behind 3 months again. It's back to the reinforcing the lien and another judgment. Is having a sheriff sale the next step. Also can we attach her wages. We have given her every opportunity to pay on this very large amount, but I guess all the letters are meaningless. We are with a management service and they have fought to get two other people on board and up to date. But this one owner just thinks everybody else must carry her load. We also have followed all the rules and by laws. This is a small building in Pa. And I guess we are out of options other than a sheriff sale, of which the furnishings are not worth the time. We do not have anything we can lock her out of except her home, and that is not legal.

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