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New condo association. No board and water damage problems.


I live in a two year old condo with under 30 units units. We currently have no proper board, the current "board" is one of the sponsors. He has not turned over the board to condo unit owners and made no effort to call for the meeting to do so after the last unit was sold a year ago. The board is also supposed to provide financial info concerning where our maintenance money is going, and now the next mess. Condo unit owners began meeting on their own when a few units had experienced water damage, ranging from severe to moderate, due to shoddy/bad/cheap construction work on part of the construction company. This is supported by an engineer's report that examined those damaged units and some common areas (yard, parking, halls, our storage, staircases). The unit owners with the water damage in their apartments had everyone chip in for the engineer's report and now want money for a lawyer's fee to review the condo bylaws and to send a letter to the sponsor/manager, as well as to get an estimate from a contractor to fix the problems. One option they are proposing is to pay for the contractor to fix the problems on our own first and then sue the sponsor/board for reimbursement. Most of the damage is in those individual units. Who is responsible for paying for what? Are unit owners responsible for the damage within their own units or do we all have to chip in to fix their units if the damage is sponsor's fault for being cheap? How much of a chance do we have to win in court? How are we supposed to change management companies with a "board" that is uncooperative? Should we invite the "board" to one of the next condo meetings? Should we take legal action before facing him as a group? Before this, it has only been individual units dealing with the "board." At this point, there really is no unity among the condo owners, just a few vocal units upset with the sponsor and people following along. This is so complicated and I have no idea where to end or begin, so thank you for your time.

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