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By stephen polinsky • April 1, 2012

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage in my kitchen?

I had a leak under my sink in the kithcen and called my homeowners insurance. My personal homeowners insurance company said the condo insurance would cover this. Can anyone tell me if a leak under the sink that a plummer was called to fix that damaged the cabinets, the counter top and the wood floor would be covered by the condo insurance? Does it make a difference what pipe was leaking? The entire piece of wood under my kitchen sink fell to the concrete as the water was filled up that area and ruined the wood floor and warped the counter top as the water was spraying upwards also and ruined the wood wall on the side of the dishwasher. Can anyone explain to me how condo insurance works when there is a leak under the sink? Are there some pipes that are not covered by the condo insurance and some pipes that are covered by the condo insurance or are all the pipes that leak under the sink covered? Please help me out if you know the answers to this as I am confused as to what insurance is to cover this leak. Thank you.

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