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Tampered ballots & Replacing elevated board members


This question is submitted by Lee P T. out of Smithfield, RI

Our President (last 2 yrs) has defrocked an elected Board member, in order to appoint members who are there to vote 100% w/the Prez who blatantly breaks our By-Laws & rules to get what she & her direct neighbors,(on the board) what they want. This Prez also went out & tampered w/our ballots to “win” a vote” & when confronted, lied on top of that illegal act. Is it legal to strong arm the board members to vote w/the Prez in order for them to throw out elected board members so the remaining board, who are like minded w/the Prez (who cheats), can do what they want? They’re flagrantly ignoring our rules to get what they want. Our management company goes right along w/the Prez & there’s no stopping both of those corrupt minded entities. HELP!


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