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New EV rules, board doesn't want to deal with it.


This question is submitted by Marie out of Connecticut

Our state is going to have EV charging statutes effective this October for condos. Our board president told me that he had better not hear from anyone that I am a proponent of EV, that if anything gets back to him, that I'm going to regret it. That is because he doesn't want to deal with it, and he says in 5 years almost nobody will be buying them. I didn't say much, other than the statues say that there will need to be reasonable accommodation, but it seems strange that he wants to commandeer the board members into silence and subjection to this degree. The board member who is very hep about EVs didn't attend the meeting, and I'm thinking that director may have been told similar as me, to the point he didn't want to attend the meeting that this was going to be discussed.


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