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By CondoAssociation.com • September 8, 2017

Treatment of Condo Common Property After its Replacement By A Unit Owner

"The Board of my condo in Maryland has given permission to a unit owner to replace - at his expense - the planking of a pier that he shares as limited common-property with another unit owner, and the question has arisen as to who pays for the maintenance and replacement of the pier planking at a later time.
Is it the two unit owners who now share the pier and all subsequent owners, or is it still the Association?
And this issue gives rise to another one that is directly related to the first one: "A Board of a condo gives permission to a unit owner to replace - at his expense - an unsafe porch that is identified in the Articles of the Association as limited-common property, is the unit owner and all future owners now responsible for maintaining and replacing the replacement  porch? Or is it still the Association?
Identification of any references on this issue would be appreciated."
Thanking you in advance as in the near past ......

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