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Unfriendly, uncooperative condo board makes life tough


I have asked for the financials and the board refuses to give me them. I sent an email to the treasurer asking for them and he refuses to respond or give me them as well. I am an owner of my condo.

Also the condo board just went self managed and is not managed by a management company any longer. They chose to do this without building approval or vote. Also when I was on the board before all of this the current treasurer told me he wanted to go self managed and cook the books so he wouldn't have to pay assessments. I want to see the financials to see if he is paying or not or even allowed the other board members to not pay either.

Since they are refusing to give me the financials to see and confirm they are not cheating the systems how do I enforce them to give me the financials? I doing know any lawyers or who to call.

Also Condominium Property Act now insists that for associations with six (6) or more units, those persons who handle or are responsible for the money of the association must be bonded in the full amount of money that they handle. They are not bonded to my understanding. They go to a mailbox and get the assessments and carry to all to the bank. What if they get mugged? They are not bonded. The treasurer now has access to the physical money and can be using it for personal use as well. How can we get an audit or accounting if they are not responding to us.

The annual voting is to occur here soon and is expected as your tenure is based on an annual vote as well. Voting for board members are annual. The maximum term for a Board Member in a condominium association is two years per condo law. There two years are up in a few months but refuse to do voting anymore and the treasurer has states he will stay the treasurer indefinitely and no more voting will occur going forward.

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