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By CondoAssociation.com • December 18, 2018

Unit owner's kid trashes to clubhouse.  Who pays for damages?

Florida question. We are a 130 unit condo association.  One owner has an adult child living with them and that person has a drug/alcohol problem. This "child" recently broke into the clubhouse and did about $7,000 worth of damage - breaking windows, damaging drywall- etc... They propped the doors open before the security cutoff time so they could go back after hours - spent the evening there and then after drinking. There was an argument and the damages occurred. This is on security video. What rights does the Association have ? The owner is an elderly woman with very low income and no way to pay for the damages her "child" has done. Can the Association sue for the damages and lien the unit? I know we cannot lien for fines. What a mess.

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