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Upstairs condo unit is leaking through my ceiling


I purchased a condo in Florida and I’m finding out there are many issues with the owner above me. He owes the association for repairs they have done in order to prevent damage to the building & other condos. The latest issue is that in March 2021 he was notified by the association & his renter that he had a faulty shut off valve that was leaking underneath the kitchen sink and was coming through my kitchen light fixture. He did nothing to repair, but managed to shut that valve off to stop the leak. Now it is September and someone opened the valve back up and my condo was checked the ceiling now had a huge bubble and has since fallen. My question is I don’t see where the association who has tried to work with this owner only to be unsuccessful in being repaid for repairs and fines that he owes that are now up into the thousands of dollars. According to FL Statue 718 I don’t see any recourse for our association to recover the monies he owes. He is very clever because he knows he has to pay his Condo association fee and any assessments because otherwise we could put a lean on his property, but I don’t see any provisions for the association to take action against this owner for unpaid interior maintenance to his unit and fines that have been levied against him. The association has had thousands of dollars in legal fees with this guy also ...he takes us to court a lot and still nothing gets resolved.

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