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Who handles leak problems?


I live in a Villa, two units with separate entrances considered a Condo for insurance purposes. The unit was built in 2004;I purchased in 2008. I recently found a leak in my basement coming from an outside wall. I contacted several waterproofing companies. They all concluded that there is a crack in the exterior wall gutters on both ends of he unit are not put underground and routed to he alley or the street. When i rains, the water is going straight to the crack in the wall and entering the basement. In additional, I'm told that he dirt needs to be built up along the wall and angled down away from the building. The HOA is no claiming any responsibility;I am told it is my issue. When I read the indentures, it is not clear non specific. Also, their is a Gable Vent between the two units that needs repair, and again the board and management company are denying responsibility for this, as well. I need advice from an lawyer and I am having a problem finding an HOA attorney, I need advise about the before mentioned issue problems and a referral for a HOA lawyer in my area. HELP! Thanking you in advance!

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