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By CondoAssociation.com • October 29, 2015

Who pays monthly charges for alarm phone lines in WI?

Two condo owners and myself purchased the 5 remaining lots in a 125 unit condominium development. The remaining 120 lots have already been built.

The plot plan called for a triplex and a duplex. During the construction phase of the triplex, we were informed that each of the 3 units would require a sprinkler system at a installation cost of $5,000 each plus the necessity of two separate phone lines (one to the fire department and another to reset the alarm system if necessary).

The cost of the phones is $44.00 per month per condo. As the developer, we paid for the sprinkler system installation.

My question is who will be responsible for the monthly phone costs, the condo association or the owner of the condo?

Since the previous units were built before this law was in effect, there is no precedent that has been established. I appreciate your help.

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