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Who repairs exterior air conditioning unit - HOA or owner?


I live in a10 year old townhouse community and am the original owner of my unit. My air conditioning unit sits outside at the rear, side of my townhouse. There is a tree immediately adjacent to the unit, there since my unit was built. The roots of the tree are growing and have extended underneath the air conditioner which sits on the ground with no concrete below it, simply dirt. The roots have grown to the point that it is pitching the air conditioner upwards at an angle.  The tree is the responsibility of the HOA and of course the air conditioner is my responsibility.  The air conditioner needs to be moved as the roots continue to grow and will further pitch the unit at an angle which I have to presume over time will damage the unit.  Whose responsibility is it to pay for the moving/repair of the air conditioner since it was caused by the tree, which is the responsibility of the HOA?

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