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By CondoAssociation.com • September 25, 2018

Who should repair ventilation in condo unit?

I have a question about ventilation in my condo. I purchased my condo several years ago and have recently had an issue with moisture in my bathrooms. The condo association sent someone out and thinks the issue has to do with my ventilation not being hooked up properly. The fans in my bathrooms are not creating any air through the outside vent and neither does my dryer. He thinks that means something may have come loose or was never hooked up properly.

My question is who is responsible for repairing this issue? It’s my understanding that the condo policy covers the outside and my personal belongings and all things inside are my responsibility. If it’s in the walls to me that’s and outside the unit responsibility. I’m going to call my insurance companies but want an opinion from an unaffected party.

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