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Why pay if there is no way to access the Board?


This question is submitted by April O. out of Washington

We have a new property management group and they are not communicating anything. They put "tickets" in and say it's being sent to the "community manager" but never any updates so I don't think they are even getting to the board. 

We have no way of accessing the Board, no names of members, and no indication if they are not at 5 (my belief since a member died). We didn't set our annual budget, and didn't get to vote for new members (the president is up for re-elect apparently). 

We had our annual meeting in April but it was while the old PMC was leaving and we didn't reach quorum, no budget proposal, no voting. And since, no communication. I feel at a loss, since we are paying into it shouldn't we be following the rules and guidelines? Why pay if our rules are not enforced and we have ZERO ways to communicate?




meadosw v2


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