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Leasing options to expensive purchases for condo associations and HOA's

HOA Loans in California - Cities and Towns

Low on HOA reserves?  Pull out cash with a loan

Strata loans in Canada now lends to small associations

HOA loans for repairs and improvements

HOA loans in Florida

Where can I get a loan for my condo association?

HOA loans can be cheaper than PACE financing for energy efficiency upgrades

HOA and Condo Association loans are cash-flow based

Cash flow requirements for HOA loans

Advantages of Funding Community and Co-op Projects With HOA Loans

HOA Loans for Financing Projects

How Do We Qualify For HOA Loans?

Why Use a Loan For Your HOA or Condo Association?

5 Reasons To Get Condo Association and HOA Loans

Which HOA Loan or Condo Association Loan is Right For You?

3 Types of HOA Loans or Condo Association Loans

What Are Community Association Loans?

Assessments are HOA Loan Collateral

What Are Condo Association Loan Documents?

How a Condo Association Loan Provider Judges Creditworthiness

HOA Loan or Condo Association Loan uses - The Leader in HOA Loans and Condo Association Loans

How Will Bankruptcy Effect an HOA Loan?

Assessment Problems That HOA Loans Can Fix

Condo Association Loans vs. HOA Loans

Growing Requirements for HOA Loans and Condo Association Loans

Despite Bailout, HOA Loan Business Still Going Strong

HOA Loans Are Quickest Start To Repair Projects

HOA Loan Rate Update

December HOA Loan Rate Update

Applying for HOA Loans or Condo Association Loans

New Owner Wants No Part of Old Condo Association Loan Principal

Condo Association Can't Qualify for HOA Loan? Try Pooling Home Equity Lines

Condominium Association Loans May Get Easier for Condo Boards

HOA Loans Offer Reserve and Assessment Alternative

HOA Loans Can Offset Unit Foreclosures

New Pool Safety Laws

Buying a Condo? See FHA Spot Loans

Condo Association Loan Application

Condo association loans are the best way to finance projects

Condo association loans pick up where the developer left off Enters New Loan Markets

New York City Co-op Loan or Cooperative Loan areas we can work with


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General Requirements:

  • Minimum of 25 units
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