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Loan Inquiry

Financial stability can make or break any business. In a condo association, there’s even more at stake: the success of your community, and the safety of your homeowners. But many communities face long-term deferred maintenance pitfalls when it comes to budgeting. After enough years of ignoring growing problems, not even special assessments can counteract the neglect and danger threatening the community. 

When increasing cash flow is no longer a strong enough solution, it’s time to consider new alternatives. Community association loans are an often-unexplored option for many communities struggling to stretch their every dollar. Loans can be used for:

  • Capital repairs
  • Capital improvements

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Request Management Software For Your Community Association

Management Software

Every good relationship relies on transparency to truly thrive–that includes relationships in your community. As a trustee, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your homeowners stay up-to-date on community decisions, have access to governing documents, and can be easily made aware of issues that arise like violations or missed payments. 

If you and your fellow board members are still doing this manually, we applaud you and your dedication, but there is a much better way. Technology has evolved around us in so many ways, and that includes the rise of condo association software.

Partnering with an intuitive community management tool is guaranteed to increase daily efficiency, decrease repetitive and time-consuming interactions, and make your homeowners more self-sufficient. 

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