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Defensive renter kicked out of condo association board meetings

CondoAssociation.com on Wed, Jun 23, 2010 @ 07:31 AM


I am a renter at a Condo in Palm Harbor, Florida. I have a letter of authorization to be my roommate's representative at all Condo Association Board Meetings, she is an owner and past Board President. At a previous meeting I attented I was told I could be there but as "JUST" a renter I was not allowed to speak. At the next Board meeting (I was not present), they made a new rule, majority passed, that ONLY "OWNERS" could attend the meetings. I showed up last night to attend the meeting with the condo laws from the State of Florida proving that I not only have the right to attend meetings as a representative of an owner but I am allowed to speak. I no more than sat down to attend this meeting and our CAM Manager said, that the Condo Board had made a previous ruling that ONLY owners could attend, I explained that was not "legal" but she made me leave the meeting anyway. I would appreciate "ANY and ALL" information that I can find proving that they are violating the laws by not allowing renters to attend meetings and the fact that they have changed MANY rules here at our complex and not bothered to inform any owners of what they are. Thanks for any help you can forward.


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