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    Los Angeles condo owners: boycott new "multi-family bulky item" fee?

    CondoAssociation.com on Fri, Jun 25, 2010 @ 10:53 AM


    The City of Los Angeles introduced a 'multi-family bulky item' fee on 10/1/2007. The fee which appears on a customer's LADWP bill, is $.64 per month, with an additional $.64 charged to the 'landlord' (5+ units). Condominiums are exempted (LAMC 179070). I own a condominium and have been assessed this fee. All other homeowners in my project (107) have also been charged. Indeed, thousands of condo units in my neighborhood (Monterey Hills area of Los Angeles) have also incurred this fee since 10/1/2007. The policy of the Bureau of Sanitation is to correct the error once the customer brings it to their attention. They refuse to refund back to the start date of the ordinance, only 12 months (as well as any additional fees incurred since the date of my complaint).

    I suspect that thousands of condo units have been illegally charged this fee. I would be interested in information relative to a class action law suit against the City of Los Angeles. All condo owners and their management companies subject to LADWP billing are encouraged to post replies


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