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Looking for condo association sample meeting minutes, please post

CondoAssociation.com on Wed, Aug 25, 2010 @ 08:59 AM


meeting minutesQuestion about minutes: I would like give everyone not only on this blog but on other blogs a sample of my condo association board's minutes. The board does publish minutes but no mention in those minutes of costs or plans or contracts accepted or any business information. The minutes contain more what I would call social topics like we will be having picnic and other newsletter type subjects. What would be helpful to me is to publish these minutes and get comments.

Can minutes be published with names omitted? I would like to see examples of other community association minutes. Because my board and the associations professional manager are playing fast a loose with our minutes, by publishing minutes with no information about the business of the association. There is no effort on the part of my board to learn how to run a meetings and the professional manager is just dreadful and that is giving him a compliment.

If you have sample condo association board meeting minutes, please post here.

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