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    Condo owners oppossed to association board's special assessment

    stephen polinsky on Thu, Apr 7, 2011 @ 07:19 AM


    We have a condo in New Jersey. We were notified last year that a special assessment would be required to make repairs to the common decking areas. The engineering firm that was hired by the condo board did a study of the problem and the board assessed each unit owner so as to have the repair work done based on the dollar amount that the hired contractor said it would cost. We received a financial statement and noted that not all special assessments were collected.

    Now we are being told that further monies would be needed to pay for the repairs including enhancing repairs that the board wishes to have done. Note, these additional repairs have not been listed as mandatory and the association members were not given the opportunity to vote on any of this. The board has refused to answer our written requests sent via email on why we were not allowed to vote on this added "probably doubling and quite possibly tripling the original special assessment amount." We have requested the names and the unit numbers of those who have not even paid the first special assessment and the board members continue to ignore our request for this info. They had promised to file liens against those who have not paid the first assessment and this has never taken place to date. Do we as condo associate. Members in good standing and having all that has been requested from us paid in full, do we not have the right legally to receive info on who has not paid and also the unit numbers of those who have not paid? We were not asked to vote on this.

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