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Condo association goes against bylaws and puts lien on owner's unit

Does a condo board have the right to put a lien on my condo when the items I was forced to replace were not the ones promised by the property manager in writing but worth 1/4th the price? The items installed were altered by the contractor as they were an off the shelf size and not made to fit in my condo. While altering the items, all 7 of my items were made defective by the contractor. The board ignored 3 important bylaws by doing this project and instead of doing the ethical thing and having the items replaced, they put a lien on my condo for the price of the $900 items I didn't receive. They are pretending they did the correct thing when in fact they did everything but the correct thing. Does New Jersey give the condo board the right to put a lien on someone's condo when the items are disputed by the condo owner because they are defective and not even the correct items the lien is for? I received $200 items and the lien is for $900 items at a 50% discount. What kind of power did our N.J. government allow these boards to have as I believe that some members of the board in my condo along with the PM and her husband's company have done some illegal things and even the condo attorney is lying for them to government official and the BBB. This whole project only took place because the condo lawyer lied to the Dept. of Community Affairs.

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