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Dictator runs condo association and spends money with little resistance

stephen polinsky on Fri, Aug 5, 2011 @ 07:58 AM


I live in a 90 unit Condo Building. We used to have meetings to discuss where our maintenance money goes, etc. Suddenly people lost interest. Somehow one woman got to be president and is very bossy and controlling; seems to make all decisions as to where our maintenance money goes and the choices of people she hires...well, seem less than professional. We got a watered down paint job; the grounds never get taken care of properly; we lost our hedge because she will not listen to any advice at all; now she has someone redoing our pool; we have never had a meeting about any of this. She is always yelling and never has time for any questions. So she is unapproachable. I can't take too much stress, (a long story) so I am guilty of not attending the meetings that we used to have. I guess my first question is: Who can I talk to? I don't have any money to pay an attorney. My second question is: Do I have to pay maintenance fees if I am never informed about how the money is used and I am never given the opportunity to voice my opinion. I don't have proof, but I feel that I am one of few that pay any way. I would really like to see the place taken care of properly. Please is there anyone in my city that I can talk to about this? I sure do not want to get into an actual war here between her and residents. She can be nasty. Perhaps a lawyer could write her a letter informing her of how to deal with residents in a diplomatic way and how to make decisions with the help of others. She wants everyone to bow down to her, but she does not give any respect to anyone. I try to give her respect, hoping that she will rise to deserve it.

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