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Does condo association need to install handicap railings for owner?

stephen polinsky on Thu, Feb 9, 2012 @ 07:35 AM


The Condominium complex which I live in has 116 units. Its a suburban area with sloping hills and landscape. Very well maintained and home to the young and old. One of the residents has requested a railing be installed on her walkway as she has had knee surgery. The Board of managers feels it would change the landscape of the community and set a trend. She is a long time resident however, she did not purchase one of the handicapped accessible units. Is there a responsibility or could liability be incurred if this resident falls. Some on the Board stated railing or no railing, there will be liability so why install one and change the landscape of the community. This is not a senior housing community. Could someone please advise how you are handling these situations. I look forward to your suggestions.

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