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Can condo association cut-off services to non-paying unit owner?

stephen polinsky on Sat, Sep 22, 2012 @ 10:18 AM


A unit owner has stopped paying his HOA (3 months behind). He previously informed me that he was going to foreclose or short sale his unit. He is not responding to any contacts and has not been seen at the property. However, he has access to common elements: water, garage (where he is storing old vehicle...etc). Since he is not communicating with the association, not paying HOA, can I deny him entry to building, have his abandoned vehicle removed from garage (its a possible habitat for rodents) and find out the status of his property with his lien holder? Need I mention that he has a previous lien for not paying his HOA for a year. Then filed bankruptcy to avoid paying. Not to mention, he is has a paid position as a property manager.

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