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What's the difference between assessment and special assessment?

I thought we could not have a special assessment every year. Our condominium calls the assessment an additional assessment. What is the difference between special and an additional assessment?


How should HOA special assessement be calculated?

A condo in Maryland in which I own a unit has monthly assessments for its 26 units based on the percentage interests they have in the common property. These percentage interests range from 1.76 % to 3.65%.

In the future, a 'special assessment' or something similar might be needed in order to be able to make expensive building-item replacements like roofs and siding, and the Association doesn't have enough in its Reserves to pay for.

1. I believe the dollar amounts for the special assessment for each of our 26 units should be based on the percentage interests of each unit, just as are our monthly assessments.

2. However, a view has been expressed that the Board can decide that all owners of our 26 units pay the same amount in their portions of the special assessment even though their units have differing percentage interests in the Common Property.

And the question is "Which is correct 1. or 2.

Owners refusing to pay assessment to bring condo building up to date

I live in Illinois and am on the board for our association. We took over a mess from the previous people and owe several thousand dollars. The heat and hot water are common in the assessments. We voted to have a special assessment to bring things up to date we have 30 units - 5 in foreclosure. 16 people have paid or are making the arrangements and 9 have not responded. We spoke to some of them who basically said they are not going to pay. What action can we take or who should we contact in our state.

Can our association force a special assessment?

Does an association have the power to impose a special assessment to fund reserves? Our reserve fund in Minnesota is underfunded. Our reserve study is recommending approximate $20 increases for the next 4 years. The increase for 2015 is going up for a homeowner vote, which most likely will not pass. Our documents allow the board to pass a special assessment without a vote. The documents specifically read "Special assessments shall be used for the purpose of defray in whole or in part of the cost of any unforeseen and non-budgeted common expense." Reserves are defined as a common expense in the Minnesota statutes. Would the board be within its authority to impose special assessments to fund the reserves per the reserve study recommendations? I want to seek an attorney opinion but the other board members assume that our bylaws do not allow this and do not want to seek an attorney opinion.


Owner has over-payed HOA assessments for years

We have an owner who has been overpaying his assessment for 16 years. There was an unofficial change to the CC&R stating everyone would pay the same fee regardless of ownership since the difference was/is negligible for all units but the only 1 bedroom. My question, do we owe the 1 bedroom unit for all back assessments? Is the unofficial amendment (not filled with the clerk), voted on by the board long ago valid? Is there a statute of limitations for back assessment? He hasn't paid in 9 months and this issue needs to be resolved.


What's the difference between an assessment and special assessment?

Can a condo board (HOA) differentiate between an assessment and a special assessment?

How much time does Florida owner have to pay assessment?

I will like to know how many days by law I have to pay my Maintenance & the Special Assessment.  I live in Florida

Should HOA payment be applied to old or new fees?

Should a monthly HOA fee payment be first applied to old late fees or to the current monthly HOA fee

Condo board borrows from reserves. Owners afraid it will not get re-paid.

Our Board is borrowing from our reserves to pay for a Special Assessment that was underfunded? I have asked how they are going to repay this money back to the reserves and they are evasive. I think they should let the owners know if it is going to be a second special assessment and how much each owner is required to pay. The Board has not committed any repayment plan to the owners. What are our rights?

Condo association take assessment but doesn't complete repairs

More than two years and half ago our condo association got an special assessment with 13 items to go. They collected the money but only finished 4 items, there is no intention of make the rest. Can I request my remaining part that were not used?For how long can the association keep our money without spending on the items of the assessment?

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