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Florida condo guidelines leave an insurance gap

As result of attempting to sell my unit in Doral, FL, I've found out that there is a gap between the policy of most of the lenders to ask for the ordinance and law enforcement insurance (OLE) and the Florida condo guidelines that demand quite light insurance requirements. According to Florida laws rebuilding must be done according to the current code. Obviously at this moment there is inconsistency between the rebuilt statutes and FL condo guidelines 718. Since ordinance and law enforcement insurance seems to be quite costly, most of HOA don't have it, and the HOA Boards justify their decisions hiding behind FL condo guidelines, leaving all condo owners fully exposed to the catastrophic risk of not being able to rebuilt in case of extensive damage caused by risks as fire, hurricane, etc.  Are there any HOA's or owners looking into this risk exposure?


HOA will not send owners fee statement for vacant lots

We have vacant lots in North Florida that have a yearly HOA fee, but the HOA refuses to send a yearly statement. They have no problem sending a late fee notice. Is there anyway to get them to send the yearly statement? 

What's the role of Florida's ombudsman?

Is the ombudsman office in Florida responsible to answer questions regarding condo law and rules?

HOA politics - can owner be lobbied by condo mananger?

Can a condo manager send an e-mail to a unit owner asking him/her to vote Yes on an item to be voted upon by all unit owners on an election?  Florida.

How much time does Florida owner have to pay assessment?

I will like to know how many days by law I have to pay my Maintenance & the Special Assessment.  I live in Florida

What is the timing of a roof replacement?

Are you required to follow replacement time given such as seven years for painting and other specified times for roof and paving replacement

Owner's car damaged in condo association parking garage

If a unit owner's car is damaged (for example from a ceiling panel falling on a car), in a self-parking garage (i.e. not a garage keeper arrangement where the association has taken care and custody of the vehicle) owned by the Condominium Association for use by unit owners where the Unit holders using the garage sign a waiver agreeing that the Association is not responsible for damages to their vehicles in the garage, will the general liability coverage typically defend and cover any claims by unit holders for that damage.  Florida

Our condo association restricts number of swimming pool users

We live in a complex of 3 buildings with 120 condo units. The pool only allows 20 people in the pool at one time. This is the state law posted on the pool permit. Does the condo association have a right to limit the number of guest allowed at the pool per unit. We were told the limit is 4 guest. That seems fair due to the size of the pool. We have had times were their was no room for owners to swim or even get a chair.

HOA members want to work on property.  What insurance is needed?

We have some unit owners who would like to volunteer to do odd jobs around condo complex: changing bulbs, gardening, replacing broken sprinkler heads.  What type of insurance would we need to cover them?  Florida

Can Florida HOA scan driver's licenses at gate?

Do current Florida HOA statues allow for drivers license to be scanned for entry into gated community?

Need an HOA Loan?

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