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Do HOA clubhouse doors need to be shut at all times?

I live in an HOA in Clermont, Florida and we have a clubhouse and a pool area, tennis area and such. The clubhouse has been up for at least four years. The local fire department recently came in and did an inspection. They now say that all doors within the clubhouse have to be shut at all times. Almost all of the doors in the clubhouse have glass windows in them. Is this correct? Do these doors within the clubhouse have to be shut at all times?


Condo manager wants to go into the solar energy business

Our managing agent wants our New Jersey condo association to put solar panels on our clubhouse roof. He claims that we will see a result in decreased utility bills within 4 years. In the meantime, he will own the panels, get the tax break from the depreciation, since we are not a corporation. We, in turn, lease the panels from the managing agent and pay him a monthly fee. In 10 years we have the option to buy from him or continue to rent the panels. He also gets the S certificates, we do not. They are trying to "ram" this down our throats. I am against this because we are not in the business of brokering electricity and the gain is iffy, at best. Any comments?

Turnberry Isle - Condo board says no to flower boxes

I would like to know how to change a condo association rule that prohibits attaching flower boxes outside the balcony railings. The rationale behind the rule is safety, but it seems more like a pretext than a valid concern to me, given the situation.


7 Great Initiatives for your Condo Association Board

Here are some creative initiatives your condo board can take on with your condo association.


A Green Game Plan For Your Old Condo Building

Does your Condo Association have a strategy to go green


Energy costs strain condo association and HOA budgets

Last winter overextended the budgets of a lot of condo associations.


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