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Turnberry Isle - Condo board says no to flower boxes


I would like to know how to change a condo association rule thatcondo rules prohibits attaching flower boxes outside the balcony railings. The rationale behind the rule is safety, but it seems more like a pretext than a valid concern to me, given the situation.

I live on the second floor of a four-story, 52-unit condo. I have lived there for the last three years. I put up flower boxes when I moved in and they have been up for three years now. Recently, the condo association board decided to enforce the rule that flower boxes can only be mounted on the inner side of the balcony railings, citing safety concerns. There is no sidewalk underneath my balcony. There is no roadway. No water, gas, or electric meters. Only a patch of grass bordered by a fence surrounding the parking lot of the neighboring funeral home. The foot traffic is basically limited to landscapers moving the lawn once a week.

I believe my flower boxes benefit the building and the condo association. Several Turnberry residents have complimented me on them. The flowers beautify the building, boost curb appeal, and help create the inviting atmosphere that makes our building a desirable place to live. Can you please suggest some steps I can take to change this rule? Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it!


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